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Cognitive decision-making should be mastered before you attempt the manual parts of an operation. At Touch Surgery, we believe the decision comes before the incision.

Touch Surgery is the OR in your pocket. The app that guides you through complex operations by breaking them down into their component steps.

Working with leading Surgeons and Institutions worldwide we are creating accurate and valuable surgical content.  We are disseminating the best techniques and procedures to improve the quality of surgery worldwide.




Apple App Store

“Great! A friend told me about this. It got me familiar with operations before I had even experienced one in real life. I really felt like I knew what was happening. It gave me an advantage over colleagues… Love it!” CruzMz 5-stars


Apple App Store

“Such a good idea! I love this app. For an aspiring surgical trainee, it is a really nice way to get to grips with an operation before setting foot in the theatre” Aerynna 5-stars


Google Play

“Best app ever! If I was to remain with only one app on my phone…It would be this one.” Stanley Binagi 5-stars

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