# How one simple symbol is changing healthcare #

Touch Surgery Co-Founders to Speak at ExL Pharma’s 2nd Digital Marketing Conference

Many of us in the medical field remember not that long ago when learning a new topic meant trudging to the library and finding a relevant textbook. Calling a colleague about that research piece involved picking up a chunky device stationed permanently on your desk and dialling with a rotary telephone. Sharing information with others involved folding the corner page of a paper journal and passing it along in between surgical cases or in hospital corridors. How times have changed.

Touch Surgery – together we can understand surgery

The digital age has changed the way physicians are able to communicate and access information. Today a doctors bag lives in his pocket – the smart phone provides a wealth of tools for day to day organisation, communication and referencing.

Entire journals have moved from shelves to live in megabytes and not only are we able to access these on the go, but through natural language processing we can mine the relevant key words of thousands of articles to create a conclusion.

Social forums and blogging tools have also found their way into a physicians toolbox. Google hangouts involving specialists from all over the globe to discuss a particularly difficult patient case are happing this very second. Tweets from inside the OR let you virtually sit in on surgeries occurring all over the world. Not only is social media allowing us to connect with our peers in healthcare and its related industries, it has revolutionised the amount of information we are able to digest and learn from.

Despite the growing adaptation and excitement for social media, experts in technology and critics in other fields have been swift to criticise the healthcare field for being a slow adapter in technology. Naysayers proclaim that we are too cautious – suspiciously eyeing every new tweet or status update with doubt and hesitation. We here at Touch Surgery do not accept this paradigm. We stand up proudly and proclaim: healthcare does digital and we bring a thrilling experience to our users, to you.

Today Touch Surgery co-founders Jean Nehme and Andre Chow will be presenting at the ExL Pharma’s 2nd Digital Marketing Conference to further break down misconceptions on medicine’s relationship with social media as well as to provide advice on how to target this highly specialised and discerning audience. Jean and Andre are both practicing surgeons and digital healthcare experts, and therefore, have heard all the concerns from peers on why engaging with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Youtube can be daunting for some. Not fully understanding something is no reason to avoid it – would you avoid walking down the street if you didn’t know the exact route, street name of every place you went, number of steps it took to walk down the road? Today Jean and Andre will be addressing some of the big questions of how mobile technology and content delivery can provide real value to paitents and surgeons.

Built on the belief that technology and digital should be embraced, Touch Surgery is a tool that allows its user to carry a virtual operating theatre with them in a (luckily) very compact size: a smartphone or tablet. As a tech heavy tool with a light touch, Touch Surgery believes that spreading the word about information should be simple and actually fun. Outlets such as Twitter allow surgeons to capture the fun side of medicine – sharing a snapshot of a colleague’s bright purple and yellow polka dot socks flashing under the leg of a scrub pant one moment. A few minutes later, the same bright socked surgeon will use Twitter to share data on how surgical training can be carried out more effectively.

Don’t take the road less travelled, just walking down the road at all is a big step sometimes.

Join in on the discussion. Tweet. Change. Engage.