6 Top tips to help pass your MRCS

Preparing for the MRCS part A exam is a key milestone for surgeons in training. Here at Touch Surgery, we’re dedicated to supporting your learning. We’ve asked our users for their top 6 tips which they wanted to share with you to help pass the exam:

Read each question twice before answering

The MRCS exam is intense you’re not going to get a chance to go back over your answers. So make sure you read the question twice to ensure you’ve understood it correctly then make your best guess.

Devise a revision plan

Plan to succeed or prepare to fail – divide your revision time into blocks focusing on the different exam components e.g. physiology and anatomy .. etc. It’s a great way to segment your time, avoid cramming and achieve focused revision sessions.

Give yourself a mock exam or a few mock exams

Gather together a range of practice questions and then set yourself a timed period to undertake them in exam-like conditions. This will help you prepare for the exam and will help ensure you’re ready to answer real questions without the answers to hand.

Review your answers

Look back at previous mock exams and revision questions and take some time to understand ‘why’ you got something right or wrong.

Visualise complications

Understanding surgical complications without a detailed knowledge of a procedure are difficult. A more meaningful way to develop your knowledge is to review a procedure step-by-step and attempt to visualize complications of a patient case and think through ‘why’ they occur.

Revise by regional anatomy

Focus your revision on specific anatomical regions or pathologies e.g. abdominal hernias this will help you develop a better-integrated understanding. The Touch Surgery app gives you the ability to review and learn 3D structures both in the context of our simulations of surgical procedures but also using our dedicated anatomy modules. Test your knowledge with our latest colorectal anatomy module and see for yourself!

Start learning

We hope you find this advice useful, good luck with the exams!