The Fight against 3rd World Blindness

Solving World Blindness:

Inequality exists in the world and where you’re born is still directly impactful on what type of lifestyle you will eventually lead. Education and medical resources should be a given regardless of your location, unfortunately, this isn’t the reality.Touch Surgery was founded on the basis that surgical knowledge and understanding would be shared to empower globally so that there is no advanced knowledge, global understanding needs to be equal.    

Recently Touch Surgery interviewed Andrew Bastawrous an Ophthalmologist & Clinical Lecturer in London, he is one of the new generation of surgeons who have identified an opportunity to help people on a larger scale through technology…

Andrew’s mission:

39 million people are blind globally and 80% live in low-income countries and the majority don’t need to be blind. Initially setting out on his mission Andrew secured funds, equipment and resources to take out to Kenya. Power was limited and they found themselves using petrol power generators to run the equipment. Then Andrew discovered that more people have access to mobile phones than clean running water in Kenya. A thought occurred, could we use the power of the mobile phone to help with this mission?

Traditionally it requires expensive equipment to examine the retina that is generally immobile but Andrew and his team have developed a low-cost solution through 3D printing that is essentially a clip on to see inside the eye allow for retina analysis. Furthermore, technology is linking global experts with the patients after the clip-on examination and arranging treatment for each pin (person) on the map. Truly empowering and connecting the global surgical community.

Andrew’s mission is truly inspiring and helping to motivate the next generation of surgeons to think on a greater scale for healthcare.

Support the cause:

Now, in 2016 the opportunity to speed up the success of such projects is at an all-time high thanks to technologies like apps, 3D printing, and virtual reality. Solving global blindness is absolutely achievable but still needs support from others who feel passionate about the potential to help people see their loved ones for the very first time.

As one of the earliest companies to take on this mission ‘HelpMeSee’, co-founded in 2010 by James Tyler Ueltschi and Al Ueltschi The mission of HelpMeSee is to make the miracle of sight possible and end blindness caused by untreated cataract, the leading cause of blindness worldwide even though a cure already exists. HelpMeSee has lead the way for companies like PeekVision to feel motivated and help make a difference to global blindness. and the mission continues…

The Fight is still on:
There are 20 million children and adults who are blind today – who could see tomorrow. Unfortunately, 99% of them will never receive this surgery and will never regain their sight because they are too poor to afford it. Tech can bridge the gap for the problem and lack of resources so please support all of the healthcare related tech innovations and create equality in the globally surgical communities.