Touch Surgery in El Huffington Post

El Huffington Post recently highlighted the ways in which the Touch Surgery app can help improve the quality of care of patients who need to be surgically treated. The article focused on the premise that though the main goal is to help train surgeons, patients benefit most. Through simulation, professionals can learn how to act and have the option to quantify their errors and even ask for help during points of doubt, visualizing the risks of the procedure before taking the scalpel and entering the operating room. In this respect, patient safety is greatly increased.

El Huffington Post emphasized the updated tips, techniques and recommendations by professionals worldwide as one of the most interesting aspects of the application. The response from the Spanish speaking medical community has been exceeding our expectations, adding to our ever-growing global network of surgeons and trainees practicing and discussing best surgical practices.

Touch Surgery CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Jean Nehme stated, “In an effort to make surgical training more accessible across the globe, we are excited to announce that the Touch Surgery mobile app is now available in Spanish. In the coming months, we will be translating the app into many more languages in hopes of improving the quality of training and care worldwide.”

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